Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's Be Honest.

Aaron starts the MBA program tomorrow. I am less than excited. I know its a good opportunity and all, but I really don't want our weekends for the next two years devoted to class and studying and hardly any family time. Not to mention that looking at the amount of student loans we have to pay off makes me feel like I am just sinking into a black hole of debt. I tried to be a nice wifey and put together a back to school kit for A. including things like a new notebook, mechanical pencils, treats and such. And now I am just dreading it even more. The saddest part is that if the girls aren't awake by 7ish a.m. they won't even see A. from Thursday night when they go to bed to Saturday afternoon at 12:30.

Sorry folks. Just venting. I know education is important. Time to switch my "bad"ittude and get excited for this new chapter in our lives. Go Aggies!


Anne and Michael Whyte said...

Here are my comments:

1) I totally feel you on students loans, only we have both our undergraduate, my two masters, and Mike's dental school. It's very scary.

2)Having a hubby in grad school is really hard. Mike's is full-time and he just stopped doing stuff on the weekends (after 2 years of it). People don't realize how hard it is on the wife. I think it's actually harder than on the husband, because he is out there learning and receiving the immediate benefit of it. It was harder than I expected it to be in a lot of ways. People really don't appreciate the immense amount of support and sacrifice it takes on the part of the spouse.

3) I taught several econometrics classes for the weekend USU MBA program in Salt Lake and in Provo. Every week I looked at those guys sitting there on Friday nights and Saturday mornings and thought "Wow. I'm really impressed with these guys to be here on a weekend, away from their families, and giving up their free time to be doing this."

4) Glad you're Aggies. :)

5) GOOD LUCK and tell Aaron Congrats on starting the program. I'm sure you guys will be glad in the end.

Kimerly said...

....overheard at the Al-Anon meeting: "Get off your pity-pot! It's leaving a ring around your butt!" ha! I'd never heard that before.
....from Granny Winnie: "Buck Up!"
....from me, the wife and are a better woman than me. I always swore, as a teenager, that I'd never even date a guy still in school. Pretty shallow, I know.
....from me, the grandma of Nora and Stella: You can always visit us on Friday night and Saturday morning. I'll teach Nora to do "Saturday jobs". ha!

Elle Keeps Moving said...

party at my house every night for the next...year while our husbands are away neglecting us for books? let's get fat together eating junk and watching trashy reality television while our kids sleep.