Saturday, September 3, 2011

Night 3.

Stella slept through the night.

I got Mastitis. Barf. Literally, I barfed over and over again.

Then I got an antibiotic prescription, a prescription for 800 mg Motrin, a prescription for Zofran to curb the barfing and a BIG antibiotic injection in by heiny. And it still hurts.

But amidst all the pain I repeatedly thanked the Lord for helping Stella to sleep all night. And for my wonderful husband who has let me nap all day and is taking me to Chick-fil-a for dinner. And for my mom who without hesitation took me to Memorial Instacare so I didn't have to go alone. Mommies always make you feel better. And that I am on my dads insurance for another 43 days so all of the above said prescriptions only cost me $8 and I got a free breastpump.

Stella slept through the night!


Elle Keeps Moving said...

i want to cry for you.

Tiffani said...

I feel your pain! I've had mastitis so many times and it is the wooorst! Hang in there!

Brittany said...

Ugg that sounded terrible. The pump became my best friend when A and E started sleeping longer in the night. I would pump and freeze it and gave it to them as I weened them. But Yeah that she slept through the night!! way to see the good side of it.