Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here are a few gems from the last week. Please enjoy.

Me: Nora did you make a stinky?
Nora: Uh huh, a big one. I pooped a mountain!

Nora: {laughing} My owie is all better. I am so proud of my owie! It got better all by itself!

Nora: {after bath, rubbing lotion on her tummy} I can do it Mom, I rubbin' lotion on my nips.

Aaron: {riding in the car talking about something I can't recall} That's dumb.
Nora: DADDY! We don't say dumb. {we didn't even realize she was listening, but this has happened to Aaron twice this week}

And last but not least...
Nora: {while pulling down my sis-in-law Nicole's shirt} You have boobs too Colie?!?

Love you to the stars Tootsie!

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