Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

I am going to start repeating that phrase to myself every day. And to my girls. {If you haven't seen The Help you truly are missing out. Read it too!} Lately I have had a case of the blues. But I have had a change of heart and found a new method of living life. I am no longer going to do things that I don't want too or that will cause me stress. Am I selling the cloth diapers I have previously raved about? You bet. They are too much work for me right now. Did I go to the Relief Society General Broadcast? Nope. I decided I wanted to spent time with my hubbster and the girls. And I am so happy I did. Am I showering today? Probably not. And that is all ok. I am poor. And I am ok with that. I have spotted skin like a paint horse *See story below. And I am ok with that.  I don't make my baby food from scratch or coupon every time I go shopping and I have bought my family McDonald's more than once this month. And I am ok with that.  I am loving the new me.

*The spotted skin condition I have is called vitiligo. It's where your skin loses it's pigment in different areas on your body. And yes, that is what Michael Jackson had. Another fact that is important to the story below is that Aaron's dad and I get along really well. He is a saint.

The following took place a year or so ago.
Aaron: Did you know my dad's favorite horse is the paint horse?
Me: Nope
Aaron: No wonder he likes you so much.


Lindsey said...

Heather, I hope you know that you and your family are an inspiration to me. McDonalds is cool, skipping stuff is cool, selling cloth diapers is way cool and buying baby food is awesome. I don't do any of it but I still feel pretty ok. Feel great about yourself because you are GOOD! P.S. your word verification is mated..... don't know how I feel about that.

Kimerly said...

Oops! I always tell Nora she is kind and smart and loved....forgot about important. ...and my apologies for neglecting to tell you, your siblings, and myself more often. YOU are kind. YOU are smart. YOU are important. YOU are loved.

Annie and Michael Whyte said...

Heather. You rock. That is all.

Oh, and I'll miss seeing you next weekend!

Tami said...

I love reading your blog. Great post. This is exactly how I feel this week. Just tucked a child into bed tonight who said, "hey mom, why are you s mean?" hope life settles down. Keep blogging! I love it!

mathistown said...

I love the keeping-it-real blog post. :) one of my favorite things I've learned since having Sawyer is to have *different* (lower) expectations than I used to for myself and what I can accomplish every day, and it's the best!!