Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being A Toddler Is A Hard Thing.

Nora: Mom, I am going to cry and cry and cry and whine and whine and whine if I don't get a pony every day!
Me: .....

And a few more Nora gems for your Wednesday:

Nora: Dad, you and I have boy boobs. Mom has girl boobs that Stella eats.

Nora: I will get boobs when I get a little bigger k?!?

Nora: (Bursting into tears when I opened the back door to leave this morning)
Me: What's wrong Tootsie?
Nora: It's chilly!
....Oh dear, what happens when it snows!?!


Ryan & Jamie said...

hahaha Boy boobs.

Bon Bon said...

Aren't you glad you can keep track of all these little gems?! So hilarious/precious! xoxo