Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From The Mouth Of Babes.

1. Nora: "Mom, I pooped a snowman!

2. Overhearing Aaron and I discuss (me telling him he had no choice) the benefits of an electronic coded gun safe.
      Nora: "Mom, chill out!"
      Aaron: Laughs uncontrollably.

3. When I told Nora we could get a bagel on the walk home from ballet.
       Nora: "Let's do it. Break it down." (apparently we need to take a break from Yo Gabba Gabba)

4. Immediately after scolding Nora for hitting Stella.
        Nora: "But mom Tella loves me when I hit her."

1 comment:

annie said...

bah! she is so stinkin' adorable!