Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Know You Need A Dishwasher When.

...It takes almost as long to do the dishes than it did to make the actual cake.

I had the wonderful opportunity to do the floral arranging and make the wedding cake for a neighbors wedding. Isn't it funny how when you are serving others you forget about your own petty problems. This wedding couldn't have come at a better time for me. I needed to to something selfless and stop being a boob. Thank you Stephanie for getting married!


Jace said...

That cake looks amazing! Nice work

Tami said...

Gorgeous!!!! Hope things start looking up for you! I have said it before, I love your blog!

Jeff and Ash said...

I wish I had this talent! Beautiful.

Gae said...

Heather -

Nora and Stella are adorable - Nora makes me laugh with the things she says - that cake looks amazing - and your blog is really cute! Thanks for being such a great friend to Katie and so nice to Lindsey!

Gae (the mom) :)