Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Is A First.

I actually completed a New Years resulotion! I know, I know, pick up your jaw. Resolution #1: Potty train the Tootsie is complete. It was painless. She was ready and it was a breeze. We started Thursday with Minnie Mouse undies, a Dora The Explorer potty seat and a Costco sized jar of Jelly Bellys. Nora got two jelly beans for trying, three for pee and five for poo. Today is day six and we have only had five accidents and she even sleeps in undies for naps. After day two she only got jelly beans if she actually went and after day three we don't even have to remind her to go anymore, she just goes on her own. I am so proud of my little Tootsie. Oh and if any of you are potty training soon and need a Dora potty seat to put on the big toilet, now that Nora goes on her own she thinks she is too big for it. **Note: A Costco sized jar of Jelly Belly's was a nice treat because I may have rewarded myself everytime we are accident free too. :)


Emma Frances said...

I hope my future children potty train easily! How exciting!!

Monica said...


Jace said...

Sweet! I am happy for you