Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dear Stella.

In your tenth month you decided to become a mover and shaker. You walk on your own and started dancing every time you hear music. We learned you are going to become a big sister and weaned like a champ! You like to follow your sissy around like a lost puppy and want to be doing everything she is...even though she pesters you to no end. You LOVE dogs and stare at the wall everytime you hear Bucky and Birdie barking. I love you to the stars sweet Stella! I am one blessed momma to get to have you in my life. Happy 11 months darling baby. XOXO, Mommy


susan said...

Sweet post for a beautiful baby girl.

Brittany said...

even though not planned the timing will be wonderful! I am loving all my kids munched together. The first year was a blur but it has been great since!