Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hitting The Slopes.

On Friday my little brother Hunter asked us to bring Nora up to ski at Brighton. She did so well and loved it! We might have a pro skier in our midst. Tootsie has come a long way since we took her on her first birthday. Oh and in case you were wondering, the cheese fries at The Rose are still to die for.


Emma Frances said...

Oh my goodness that is just about the cutest thing ever! :] She looks great on her skis!

Anna M said...

totally darling.

I have yet to bring any of my kids skiing. Horrible, I know. They are so deprived and tragic.

Brittany said...

I can not believe they make skis that small...cute! Is it hard to watch her fall? I would struggle letting go and just letting them learn. Well done!