Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Great Debate.

I had big plans for today while the girls nap. I was going to take a 20 minute nap myself, then catch up on the blogs (specifically post the birth stories of both of my girls which I keep meaning to do), then clean up our disaster of a house. So far I took a nap and then got distracted by pure bliss which is graham crackers and frosting. So much for cleaning. At least I had good intentions right?!?! If any of you want to come clean my house I would be forever in your debt. Just sayin'.


Amber said...

Yup. If someone cleans your house, send them to mine next, k?

Daugs Family said...

Graham Crackers and frosting reminds me of my grandma. That was her treat she would make us. Good memory. Clean houses are overrated- they just get messy again. Christy

Emma Frances said...

Good intentions are what's most important! :] I can't wait to read your girls' birth stories whenever you do find the time to put them up though!! And a nap sounds SOOO good right now!