Monday, March 26, 2012

A Party In Pictures.

Saturday we celebrated Stella and Oliver's 1st birthdays. They are six weeks apart and BFF's. I can't wait to have babies that close again. The duplex is going to be overrun with kiddos. The party was a huge success. I was very lucky to have Katie and her hubs and MIL help so much because Aaron was at school and I had spent the entire morning barfing. It was so fun to celebrate together! Here are some pics Katie took. (I forgot my camera as usual) Thanks to all the friends and family who came to celebrate.


Emma Frances said...

What a fun birthday party! :] They are so cute!! I love the cake pictures! Little babies are so funny with their first birthday cakes!

Brittany said...

Cute idea! Sorry that you are sick, I was until 17 weeks and I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry (I did a few times). HOw far along are you? Here is hoping it gets better!!