Sunday, April 1, 2012

For The FTM's Who Read This Blog. (Sam & Emma)

Never fail to bring a diaper and wipes with you everywhere until you kid is 3...and counting...and usually a change of clothing for the littles until they are one...and then again once you potty train them for a few months just in case. Or you might just end up two blocks from home at the local Starbucks for tea and chocolate milk and have the worst blow out of your mothering experience. You would think being preggo with #3 that I would have learned this important lesson but apparently not. I was high and dry (not so dry really) with no diaper or wipes. Poop everywhere. All over Bubba, her clothes, her legs, dripping down her feet, the stroller, my dress and the floor. I had no wipes and no idea what to do. So I walked home with Toosie by my side both Bubba and I still covered in feces. The natural solution right? Sorry Starbucks. Lesson learned.

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Emma Frances said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the tip! I can't imagine that!! Haha. All the fun things we get to learn as moms, eh?