Monday, April 2, 2012

On The Day You Were Born: Stella's Edition

First things first. As soon as I knew I was pregnant I knew I wanted a new doctor and ended up finding the best midwife ever, Gretchen Faucett CNM. best. decision. ever. I love her so much that I have referred six other friends who see her now too. March 1, 2011 - I was freaking out because I had to be induced the next day before Daddy started his new job or else he wouldn't have had time at home when we came back from the hospital. I made dinner for our BFF's Katie & Mike and I'm pretty sure I cried multiple times while eating. For some reason I felt like being induced on your due date was too early and I was in some way cheating you out of the chance to come on your own. I didn't sleep much that night and when I woke at 7 a.m. to call the hospital I couldn't go back to sleep. Unfortunatley March 2nd was a big day for babies and they were too busy to fit me in at 7 so I called back every hour until 10 a.m. when they finally gave me the go ahead to come in. By that time the anxiety was gone and I was just so excited to meet you. We dropped Tootsie off at Grandma Wagstaffs and I enjoyed a breakfast of Fresca and donuts (bad idea). We were met at the desk by super nice nurses and they admitted me right away and got things started. When I went in the nurse couldn't find your head and an ultrasound showed that you were head down but looking sideways. Funny girl. This time around it only took a level 4 on the Pit to get things moving. (Instead of level 20 with Nora). I think you really were ready to come out you just needed a little push. Once the Pit started working I was in constant pain. And when Gretchen broke my water it got even worse! With Nora I only had back labor which is supposed to be horrible, but with you I had regular front labor and it was EXCRUCIATING. I would take back labor any day of the week over stomach labor. Five hours later and after trying many techniques to curb the pain I had had enough and asked for an epidural. I was 5 cm dilated. Lucky for me the anesthesiologist wasn't busy (I actually think he was asleep) and was in my room with in five minutes. I remember, like and idiot, asking the doctor to hurry because my feet were falling asleep sitting hunched over...not realizing it was because the epidural was starting to work. Once the epidural was in the doc told the nurse that he just gave me the initial test dose and that she could push the button for a reagular dose when I needed it. That never happened. Dad fell asleep once the pain was a little better and I was hoping to rest for a bit too, but less than 30 minutes after the epidural was put in I needed to push. I woke Daddy up and rushed him out of the room to find a nurse. I thought I was crazy for feeling this so quickly but when the nurse came in to check me I had gone from 5 cm to 8 cm in less than an hour. Gretchen was called and came quickly to check on me. It still took about an hour and half to get to 9 cm, so we just hung out with Gretchen and the nurses. Meanwhile I hadn't remembered to push the epidural button and the pain was getting pretty intense again. Around 5:30ish p.m. Gretchen checked me and moved the lip of cervix that was preventing me from getting to 10 cm. (The same thing happened with Nora) Then I finally got to start pushing for real instead of just wanting to push. And I felt EVERYTHING! A lot of moans, dizzyness, pushing and pain later you were born at 6:24 p.m. It was the most empowering moment knowing that I pushed you out almost completely naturally. I am so glad I got the epidural because it helped lessen the pain of the contractions for a bit and honestly I think the labor is actually much more painful than the actually delivery. You weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and were 20.5 inches. A big baby. Which resulted in a BIG tear. Recovery went smoothly though and we got to go home just 24 hours after delivery to start our life together. Love you to the stars sweet Stella!

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Aww! I love this! :] And I love the newborn pictures! So adorable!!