Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Shopping Saga.

Two days ago Katie and I along with our three kids and two pregnant bellies attempted the feat of Costco, followed by Walmart, immediately followed by Target. First up was Costco. I don't actually remember why we were there but no trip to Costco is complete without feeding me and my two kids for $2.50. Stella and Oliver were in the cart busily beating each other while Nora was chucking her chin on the counter trying to catch the first glimpse of her hot dog. We got our lunch but K. had to wait 2 minutes for her sandwich to be hot off the press. I meanwhile took the cart and the 3 year old to get the table. The only table open. I felt someone walking behind be extremely closely as I tried to maneuver passed the relish. I told Nora to lead the way and take the corner table and I would follow with the cart when the coast was clear. That's when it happened....The man following too close for comfort rushed past me, pushed Nora out of his way and stole our table. I KNOW he heard me tell her to sit there and I was irate. Not to mention that when he so rudely shoved Nora she accidentally bumped into another man overloading his polish dog with onions. I took a deep breath and saw another table open up and directed Nora towards it following slowly behind as I tried to squeeze the giant cart through the tiny aisle.  Then it happened again....Onion man walked briskly passed and stole our next table.  We finally ended up with a table and ate our food. I decided not to confront either man because person #1 looked like he would shoot me and person #2 looked like he was already having a miserable day. We took out groceries and moved onto Walmart.  I had the blinker on waiting for a parking spot as the occupants of the car took their good ol' time backing out. Then it happened again...some dumb girl swerved down the row, cut off our car and stole our parking spot. As K. and I hauled all three kids out of the car seats the girl got out and practically ran inside not looking back. Get a life people. We had three kids and are both pregnant. Have some respect. Luckily Target was a success and we got an awesome baby gift for out friend Sam. That's all.


Jace said...

Wow I feel like that only happens in movies!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Just attempting to hit Costco, Walmart and Target all in the same day is a brave feat! Somehow Target is always associated with fonder memories than the other two stories...funny how that works.