Saturday, May 5, 2012

Peeves Post.

I know I am pregnant and hormonal but I believe that these peeves from today would apply to any non-hormonal, non-preggo person.

1. Bikers who don't follow street laws. Sometimes I want to honk right as they pass narrowly in front of me as they zoom through the intersection without stopping, just to see if it will scare them off their bike.

2. People who sell things on for a "bargain" but think they can argue you into paying a ridiculous amount because they loved it so much. Case in point: Phil and Teds double stroller for $300 when I can get this years model brand new for $380. Come on people?!?!

3. When people you haven't seen for years that you weren't friends with in the beginning pretend you are besties when you see them at the neighborhood bridal shower. Let's not pretend we liked each other mmmmK?

4. When you hubs only has one day off of school and his boss makes him work that Saturday. So much for being a family friendly establishment.

What's peeving you today??

1 comment:

Jace said...

I would agree that those are all non hormonal peeves!