Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Am I Doing?!?

Today while sitting at Chick-fil-A with this awesome gal I kept thinking "What am I doing?". Our kids were fighting. One would yell at the other one, the other would cry. The babies whiny with their newly growing teeth. And food was everywhere. Even our favorite worker, sweet Mona, was probably thinking we were crazy. I have been married a short 5 years, born two children and am expecting a third. My hubby is trying to finish graduate school and we are dirt poor. I am overwhelmed a lot lately with a three-year-old child who some days resembles a demon and a one-year-old who seems to only pick up her older sisters' naughty habits. I have no idea what I am doing. I am just doing me. Here are some recent pics of us doing what we do our crazy life.
 Fun in the sun with juice boxes.
 Feeding their "kids" while we wait for Daddy.
 Today's 18 1/2 week bump.
 Yo Gabba Gabba with Daddy.
This is how I feel most days.


Daugs Family said...

Life is crazy! You are a such a cute mom with darling little girls! I feel the same way most days like why did we not just stop with one kid? Life would have been so much easier, but way less fun.

Kimerly said...

24 Feb 1986 "Heather's been ill for the past week, so things have been rather exhausting, to say the least. She's had non-stop diarrhea, apparently from a formula allergy, and a very sore bottome. She's now on soy milk, and it seems to be helping.Megan nearly drives me to drink! She is so energetic and into mischief! She'll pour perfume all over herself, 'so I can smell good', she says. She put Desitin all over her dolly's 'sore bum'. The doll is cloth and non-washable. She still gets up at 5:30 am every day. Boyd's having a hard time of it at work, finding contacts. Finances are low. (understatement of the year). We're praying and trying to always do what is right."
Hang in there, Heather! I've been there, and you are doing an amazing job!