Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Bit Of Randomness.

1. What did people do when they pooped before Iphones? I know members of my family (who will remain nameless to protect their identities) often "need" theirs while taking care of their business. I on the other hand pretend to need mine but really I just need a break so I escape to the only room that locks in the duplex and pretend to go to the bathroom so I can get 5 minutes alone.

2. I have 2 tattoos (well really 3, but two combined into one). And I would LOOOVE to have an entire back piece done. A family tree of sorts to be exact. I know the church frowns upon them, but if I had the money I just might do it.

3. I am a planner. It is giving me great anxiety that no one can agree on a due date. I am 99.9% sure my due date is October 1st...and I think I would know, right?!? But the doc thinks its October 6th, the ultrasound tech said September 29th and the radiologist who read the ultrasound says October 12th. Uff da!

4. We are moving to Herriman on June 23rd. I think I am crazy. I know that is where the Lord wants us right now and I have never had such a quick/strong response to a prayer ever. I feel that the next 6-12 months will mostly just be change in one form or the other. I guess I should be grateful for the normalcy I have experienced this last year and embrace the change with open arms. But I am scared shitless.

That's all for today folks.


Daugs Family said...

I have 2 friends that live in Herriman it is such a fun place.

Emma Frances said...

So many changes! Moving is no fun! I hope it goes well! And I would go crazy if I was given so many different due dates! That's ridiculous! Also, I have a friend and member of the church who got the plan of salvation tattooed on his back. So a family tree would be pretty neat. :) Haha.