Friday, June 8, 2012

My Belle.

Nora has been taking dance classes for the past year now. It has been a tap/ballet combo for 3 year olds. (Even though she wasn't 3 until the month before class ended shhhh) Nora prefers tap. And is so freaking good at it. I danced as a kid/teenager. I loved it. But Nora realllly loves it. And is much better than I was. I think dancing is going to be Nora's "thing". I foresee many dance recitals, bobby pins (barbie pins as Nora refers to them), growing out of old dance shoes and costumes...oh the costumes. Miss Julies' dance classes had their concert last Saturday. It was Beauty and The Beast. All the dancers were Belle in some form. Nora's costume is supposed to represent Belle's blue dress in the beginning of the movie. Nora's class danced to the title song for ballet and Gaston for tap. I hope to upload the video soon...but I make no promises. **Special thanks to the family members who made this possible!

 Sixth from the right.


Courtney Wagstaff said...

PLEASEEEEEE upload the tap video! I've been telling Levi about it and must see it again pronto.

Kimerly said...

Oh ya! Upload it. I will watch it whenever I'm having a sad day and Nora will turn it right back to sunny.

Emma Frances said...

So cute!! I can't wait to see the video whenever you have time to upload it!! How fun!