Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dear Stella.

Tella Sue,
How did you get to be a year and a half?!? I was worried about bringing new baby Mabel into this family with you still seeming so young but you have grown leaps and bounds this past month. You speak a ton and love to play pretend with Nora. Today we gave up the bottles. You only cried for 5 minutes and then took a great nap (hopefully tonight goes as smoothly). You get super jealous when Nora gets to stand at the counter and help cook and you have to be stuck in a high chair, so lately we let you stand and "help" too. You no longer want lids on any sippy cups, you don't want to sit in a high chair or in the grocery cart. You are growing up so fast....and have grown a killer mullet! Here are a few of your favorite things as an 18 month old:

1. Dinosaurs
2. Airplanes
3. Pushing your bunny "Bubba" in the doll stroller
4. Duplos - Your most favorite toy. I definitely know what Santa is bringing this year!
5. Playing kitchen with sissy

Oh, and your favorite phrase (and first you ever said): "I farted."

Love you to the stars sweet girl!

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