Sunday, August 12, 2012

From The Mouth Of Babes.

Both kinds of babes. The following are some new Nora-isms as well as a few from my babe of a husband.

(After being startled by the automatic toilet flush)
Nora: Oh Mom, that makes nervous.

(Walking in to our friends Will and Jessica's wedding reception)
Nora: Wow Dad, look at this classy sidewalk.

(Drinking a blue Slushee at Lagoon)
Nora: Brrrrrr, My brain is burning!

(Aaron and I talking about Katie's delivery of her sweet new little one)
Me: Dang, I wish I only had to push for two minutes to get a kid out.
Aaron: Maybe this time the baby will just fall out like that for you.
Me: (Rolling my eyes) 9 lb. babies don't just fall out hun.

(Nora, Aaron and Spencer playing Lego's...Nora threw the sword back into the pile)
Spencer: Nora No, where did that sword go?!?
Nora: I didn't want it.
Aaron: Where is the sword Nora!?!
Nora: I didn't want it.
Aaron: Nora we we're playing with that sword.
....the saga continued over Lego's for 2+ hours...while Nicole and I watched.
I have yet to determine who enjoyed the Lego's more, Aaron or Nora.

Oh, and Stella learned the word "mine".
 And i'm still pregnant. 7 weeks and counting!
And Lagoon was AWESOME! Just as much fun as an adult as it was as a kid. And the girl's did great. Can't wait for Disneyland. Four months and three days to go.

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Emma Frances said...

Baha! These are hilarious! I love when kids sound so grown up. It just cracks me up! And it sounds like your hubby enjoyed the Legos more! Haha. Also, you look great! I hope the next few weeks fly by!