Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A List.

Things I hope to get done before baby Mabel comes:
1. Sew two new crib sheets for Stella. She has been using Nora's old ones that are covered in stains.
2. Find and paint an old bookshelf for the girls room. (If anyone has an old bookcase they are getting rid of let me know)
3. Sew curtains for both the girls' bedroom as well as ours.
4. Get the 5 remaining baby items I need.
5. Take the kids camping. (Not my idea of fun 7 months pregnant but Aaron promised Nora this a long time ago)
6. Get Stella's baby book complete so I can start on Mabel's.
7. Find Aaron a new job with better insurance. Praying for a miracle.
8. Sew the kids Halloween costumes. There is no way I am doing them with a 3 week old baby.
9. Get Stella sleeping through the night/weaned from bottles.
10. Get Mabel a "mommy bunny" of her own to match the other girls'.
11....And any other misc. items that may arise.

Hopefully task #1 will be completed today. Fingers crossed.

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Amber said...

Good luck on your list. I'm scared to make a list because it might be really long, but I need to get going with less than 5 weeks left! I'll be praying for a miracle for you with Aaron's job! I feel the same way with Matt's job.