Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Sweet Ones.

I am sorry I have been a cranky/short tempered/beast of a mom lately. I am sorry for all the house hopping and the lack of normalcy I have forced upon you. I am sorry that you, Sweet Stella, turned 16 months and I hardly noticed. And you, My Tootsie, have been craving my attention and I have been blind to it. I love you both to the stars and back. You are my everything. I am going to be better. I am going to take you on adventures and be the "cool mom" I vowed to be years before I had kids. We are going to go camping and swimming and stay up late all summer because all too soon the summer will be over and we will find ourselves missing the ninety-something degree heat and long days. I am excited for fall and baby Mabel, but for now she is content in her watery womb and I am going to spoil you girls rotten. Love you!! -Mom

 Preferring the dog dish to her swimming pool.
 First time at the community pool.
 Tired baby #1.
 Tired baby #2.
BBQing with Papa Doug on the deck. (Costco jammies are a wardrobe staple around here)
 Enjoying Daddy's survival hammock.


Amber said...

I feel the same way. I feel like such a beast of a mom when I am pregnant. I have no patience and I overlook my little boys' feelings. Thanks for reminding me how important they are. Good luck to us both the rest of the summer!

Christi Lynn said...

awe your babies are adorable! new follower! cute blog :)

Catherine said...

What sweeties.

FEST (food, style & travel)

Emma Frances said...

Aww. I love this sweet post to your adorable girls! I hope the rest of your summer is just delightful! And filled with all kinds of adventures!