Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Much Needed Getaway.

I sometimes wish that I could go on a vacation just Aaron and I. We have only been out of SLC alone together one night. It was the night after our wedding, the single night of our short lived honeymoon, where we made it as far as St. George on our way to Vegas and I got horribly ill and we turned around and drove home. That was almost 6 years ago.
But then we go on trips like this one to "The Cabin" and I can't imagine ever going anywhere without my kids. I want them to experience the world and get to see each exciting new place that we do. Travelling with littles can be chaos but I love it.
We left last Thursday evening spur of the moment.  We were supposed to leave Friday but got word of the storm and decided we should hit the road early in order to beat it. Aaron hadn't planned on leaving that night so was at work when I broke the news. Aaron drove from Herriman to SLC for work that morning, then to Layton for an MBA event, then back to SLC to meet me and then to Driggs, ID. Meanwhile I did a butt load of laundry, got the kids bathed (I never did get a shower), got all of our stuff packed including Aaron's stuff (luckily I remembered everything!), left Herriman, Nora barfed all over her "shay shay blankie" and Mommy Bunny, made it to SLC to pick up the pack-n-play, Nora barfed again, met Aaron at Katie and Mikes, grabbed Chick-fil-a, and hit the road at 8 pm. We made it to the cabin around 1 a.m.
I was sure this trip was doomed. But it was perfect. Simply perfect.

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Kimerly said...

If I had a cabin, like that, I would never return to the city.