Monday, December 3, 2012

From The Mouth Of Babes.

Nora-ism #1:
After finishing her Rapunzel dress and telling her she can't have it until Disneyland.
Nora: Mom if you let me play with every one of Mabel's baby blankets it will distract me enough for you to take my princess dress away from me without me noticing. I hid it behind the blue chair in my room.

Nora-ism #2:
Driving in the car on the way home from getting delicious peppermint brownies at Kneaders.
Nora: Mom will you ask for a boy next.
Me: Who do I ask Nora?
Nora: I don't know. How did you ask for Mabel.
Me (chuckling): God just sent us Mabel.
Nora: Well ask for a boy next.
Me: Who do I ask Nora? (Wanting to see if she caught on about God sending babies)
Nora: Ummm probably like a genie. But a girl one. Ask the girl genie.
Apparently if Aaron want's a boy we just need to locate a female genie. Let me know if you see one.

Nora-ism #3:
Eating dinner tonight. I had just finished nursing Mabel.
Nora: Dad, let's have a boy next so you can feed him.
Dad: Only girls feed the babies.
Nora: Why?
Me: (cutting in because Aaron is feeling uncomfortable) They don't have boobs Nora.
Nora (smiling): Oh, yeah.

Nora-ism #4:
Driving to Salt Lake today to see the pediatrician for Mabel's 2 month check up (what?!)
Nora: Mom can I hear some Christmas music.
Me: Sure Nora. (turning on fm100)
......4 minutes later after listening to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and part of the next song...
Nora: MOM!! I need to call Papa Doug and tell him. I just heard that Santa is coming to our town!!! I need to tell Papa.


Elle Keeps Moving said...

oh my goodness, i miss that little girl. these are hilarious! btw, i don't care if you guys want to see us or not when you're here, we will be finding you at disneyland and forcing you to hang out with us for at least a few hours. lucy won't have it any other way. xx

Court & Levi said...

Classic Nora. Hope you are feeling better.

Kimerly said...

Better let her know that boys are harder to come by. There are more girls, in heaven, waiting to come:):)