Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today I Took A Shower.

And that is a miracle.
Today has been hard. Now that I can laugh about it I can tell you all about it without wanting to cry.
It began at 12:15 a.m...
I had just drove in the driveway after watching the Bachelor with my ladies. Aaron tells me Nora has been fussing on and off for two hours. She is getting over a cold and Aaron didn't even need to finish his sentence before I knew Nora had yet another ear infection. Luckily our pediatrician has a walk-in clinic from 8-9 a.m everyday so we didn't need an appointment. But I did need to wake Mabel up to get out the door before 8:30. I was a little ticked that her ears couldn't have waited one more day to bother her since I have Mabel's well baby visit tomorrow. Oh well. The doctors findings: Double ear infections. Again. It has never been just one ear. So we head off to Dan's to the pharmacy. Mabel is screaming because she is hungry and refuses to nurse in the car. The kids are whining and I am getting light headed since I haven't eaten anything yet. We make it home around 10 a.m. just in time for me to make two crock pots of taco soup for tonight. You see...I have 11 ladies coming to play Bunco and of course it's my month to host. My mom dropped off a lamp for me to borrow around 11:30 since our front room has no lighting and Bunco in the dark might be a little challenging. I was whining to her about the ear infections when i'm sure someone up in heaven got sick of listening to my pity party and decided to really give me something to whine about....
Stella wiped her chocolate hands all over the couch.
Then she decided she didn't want mac-n-cheese for lunch so she left the kitchen and barfed it up on the carpet.
I decided it was tub time. It always seems to calm everyone down.
The girls were playing mermaid (entire bodies submerged "swimming" in the tub) while I cleaned the kitchen. When I went to get them out 15 minutes later I was horrified to find Nora had pooped in their ocean.
I drained the tub showered the girls and got them out to dry.
Stella walked out of the bathroom and peed on the carpet.
Once they were dressed and watching some Netflix I proceeded to disinfect the bathroom.
I walked out to find Stella sitting on Mabel in the baby swing....
Then life calmed down, I took Nora to dance, bought myself a giant Diet Coke and Stella fell asleep in the car. That's when the miracles started raining down on me.
1. Stella let me carry her inside asleep and is still sleeping!!!
2. Mabel fell asleep too.
4. And I got to sit down for the first time today.

...I still haven't washed my hair in four days...but maybe that's a miracle for tomorrow.
Now to clean the rest of the house before my hubby and eleven women show up. Wish me luck!


Holly said...

Even my worst days aren't that sorry. Poop in the tub, throw up on the couch, double ear infection?And you're STILL hosting bunco? SUPERMOM!

Sonny said...

Oh Heather, now that was a day!!!! It always happens when you have something fun planned and everything else wants to make your day a nightmare. Those girls sure do keep you going. I am sorry, but I kinda had to laugh. I know it wasn't funny at the time, but read this back in a few months when you need a laugh. They are only little once. I wish I still had little ones pooping in their ocean, heaving, peeing and just being young. Enjoy it! Grossness and all.

Brittany said...

I have to say that it is almost like they can sense when we have to really get something done....that is when they throw it all at us!!
The thing that topped off my no good horrible day last week was Joel coming home and telling me he had a thought that there was one more for our family. In tears I said "What part of 4 under 5 do you not understand buddy???"
Good luck sister, in the end of all this parenting business we will be one tough cookies!