Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Mabel.

Dearest Mabs,
You outgrew newborn-hood and grew into a little baby this month. At five months you already seem wise beyond your years (er months). You roll over every time anyone lays you down but get ticked as soon as you are on your tummy. Silly girl. You escape your swaddle every night to get your hand out to suck your thumb. And as hard as I try you still refuse a bottle. You stopped sleeping through the night after you got your four month shots and a pretty nasty cold. Hopefully before we hit the six month mark we will be back on track. You still smile all day and even when you were sick you were happy. Luckily for me you love to be in the Solly Baby wrap so when you are fussy and want to be held all I have to do it strap you to my chest and you are happy as a clam. Mabel you have such a sweet personality. Your Daddy and I can't wait to see if you are a red head or if you really will only have one dimple when you smile. I am still amazed at you my little miracle. Happy five months. I love you to the stars.

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