Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Stella.

Oh Stells,
You feisty little thing. I often forget you are only two with all the spunk and personality you have. You talk my ear off these days and overnight decided you are now a big girl. The cutting off of the mullet helped the big girl appearance too. Your birthday was celebrated with cake, dinosaurs (at the Natural History Museum) and Captain Rio (a.k.a. Cafe Rio) upon your request. You didn't even care if you got gifts as long as you got cake, but we gave you some Duplos and a little backpack too. You finally are sleeping through the night a little better in your big girl bed but still get up at the crack of dawn. It makes for a grouchy Momma but i'm trying to work on that. Naps are becoming less and less frequent but often times you fall asleep in the car or on the couch right before dinner. You have decided you don't want to eat meat of any kind and will only eat all your other food if it is in tiny tiny bites. Meal times these days are sloooow. You seem to be happier each day if we can take a break and play outside. And you love to be hands on with things like blocks, Duplos and Play-Doh and have no interest in t.v or being read to. You would rather play and read alone in peace. I don't blame you ha. You love your sisters to death. You can always get a smile out of Mabel and you want to copy everything Nora does. Your Daddy and I love you to stars sweet Stella. Happy Golden Birthday!!

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