Monday, March 18, 2013

From The Mouth Of Babes.

Last week my little sister Courtney was down visiting. For some reason we were talking about direction and Nora was listening in. She tried to say direction too but was having trouble so on her first try she said dissection and on her second try she said erection. By the third try she got it right but was a little confused as to why Courtney and I couldn't stop giggling. If you are wondering where Nora has heard either of those words before my little sis is a nurse and she is always telling me funny medical stories. Apparently little ears are always listening...

On another play date with Courtney we were headed to Paradise Bakery for lunch. Courtney and I were chatting in the front while I drove. Meanwhile Nora and Stella were talking in the back. Nora kept repeating "Abra Cadabra" over and over. I heard her but didn't pay much attention. Apparently she was trying to get Stella to say the magic word in order to get Nora to share her blanket with her. Stella was struggling and couldn't pronounce it right. Then out of nowhere we hear a frustrated Nora shout: "Fine Stella, JUST SAY CHEESE STICK!"
The rest of the day whenever Stella wanted something she said "cheese stick."

Oh and yesterday as we were leaving my parents house after Sunday dinner Nora leaned over and whispered in my ear requesting that I don't tell Daddy that while she was watching a show on the iPad on his side of the bed earlier she farted under his blanket.

I Love Them.


Emma Frances said...

You have the cutest, funniest kids! Haha. Love the farting story!

Kimerly said...

Ha! Hilarious!