Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mommy Shoot.

I expected that the last post would leave you wanting more and I am happy to oblige. My friend Sam has got some serious talent. Sam is new to the biz and is wonderful! I was seriously in shock when I saw how well these turned out because I felt so frazzled the entire time.  Trying to wrangle three littles who were dying to play at the park after I forced them into an impromptu photo session was hard work. But Sam is just that good. She captures the pure beauty of daily life and I would bet that she can bring you to tears too. Check her out: Samantha Kelly Photography.  Oh and I forgot to mention she works with her sweet hubby Chas and does video too!: Kelly Arts Films.  I have big plans for a Halloween family video so stay tuned...and check these guys out. You wont be sorry.


Emma Frances said...

I absolutely LOVE the mommy shoots you have been doing. They all make me wish that I lived closer so I could do one! I might just have to do a Utah trip sometime this summer! You are so talented and these are some gorgeous girls!

Court & Levi said...

These are adorable. Also, I've decided Nora's dress should come in adult size.