Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear Mabel.

My dearest Mabs,
I am sorry I missed last months letter. Life has been flying by and I can't seem to catch up. So, happy seven and eight months little one! You continue to bring sunshine to our family on a daily basis. Seven months brought new adventure because are officially on the move. It didn't take long after you learned to sit to decide it wasn't exciting enough and you took off crawling a few weeks ago. You are fast. And for some strange reason are attracted to the tightest spots and get your self wedged between furniture over. and over. and over. You are still as stubborn as I am and refuse a bottle so you are always by my side. Thankfully you started to sleep better since we moved you into the basement room with Nora. I think you like the cooler temperature down there. You have acquired a love for food but only if I let you pick it up and feed I said, stubborn. But I love you to the stars sweet one. Forever.

Picture taken by the talented Samantha Kelly.

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