Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dear Mabel.

Happy 10 months sweet Red. In the last month you grew your first tooth, grew enough hair to hold a barrette, grew a few more lovable rolls and grew a feisty little personality. You are still a sweet little angel baby but you have discovered that your tiny set of lungs can make a screech that i'm convinced could break glass. You love to eat "real" food, especially blueberries and french fries. And thankfully you have mastered the sippy and a straw so you nurse less during the day. We started sleep training and it has been going fabulously for naps but we are still working on getting a full nights sleep. You are a fish and love going to the pool and crawling around in the tub with your sisters. You are trying hard to keep up with them and are pulling yourself up to walk along furniture allowing you much more access to their toys. I can't believe it is time for me to start thinking about your 1st birthday party. I love you to the stars Mabs!
XOXO Momma

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