Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Late Night List.

I had fully intended to write a new blog post tonight but then 38 minutes ago I got sucked into reading all y'alls blogs and now I am almost too tired to think. So here are my three random thoughts that went through my mind today but I am too tired to elaborate on.

1. Someone should warn all new parents that they have unknowingly agreed to not only raise their little tykes but to be a 24 hour a day jungle gym.

2. I am pretty sure that I could NEVER work in the medical field because I get grossed out by stupid things (ants, warts, spores on the back of ferns, anything resembling small dots, etc.)...I may or may not be heaving right now as I typed those horrifying things...but today I did surgery on my ingrown and obscenely infected toenail that got stepped on by children seven times today (I am a jungle gym I tell ya) and IT. FELT. AWESOME. Well, really, it was excruciatingly painful and I probably should have seen a doctor but it was very empowering to get 'er done by myself. I'm not only a cheapskate but a DIY surgeon.

3. I had this moment today while I was feeding Mabel when we were not only connected tiny mouth to nipple but also giant booger trail to mama's t-shirt. It was perfect. I am so grateful to be able to nurse my littles. And if anyone is in need of a new blog to read during nap time check out Jill over at Goodnight Mush. I kind of have an "I don't know you but I feel like I do through social media and I think I love you" crush. She is a babywearing, breastfeeding momma who tells it like it is and her family and her are drop dead gorgeous. Give her a read.

I told myself I am going to start running this week (insert eye roll here) so I had better head to bed. Goodnight.

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Kimerly said...

Go, Nurse Heather! I knew you had it in you! No more freezing at emergencies, just tackle 'em! So proud of you. About that running..only do it for fun and if it makes your heart sing. Exercise for any other reason is overrated.