Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kids Are Weird.

Being at ages 4 and 2 Nora and Stella fill my day with laughter in between the moments of sheer chaos. Here are a few things they have said recently that made me smile.

Stella (randomly while watching t.v.): "Mom, When I grow up I want to be a baseball girl. Baseball girls can wear a hat. Or a working girl." (I have no idea what she meant by working girl.)

Nora (sitting in the back seat of the car while Aaron and I joked about who knew the directions): "UGH, THAT IS ENOUGH GUYS."

Stella: "For Halloween I will be Princess Leia, Rue Rue will be Queen of Hearts and Daddy can be the girl holy ghost."
She has been reeeally confused about the holy ghost and extremely concerned if it is male or female. As much as I try to explain she keeps running upstairs telling me there is a girl holy ghost in the basement.

Stella: "I'm going to marry Oliver and he will work so we can get some kids."

Nora's new favorite phrase when she tries to make whining polite: "Please for cheese?!?"

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Jace said...

Cute, funny girls!