Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A lot of my days lately have been filled with anxiety and guilt. Anxiety over finding a new job and getting the bills paid on time. Guilt for being a not so stellar mom because of the toll the anxiety is taking on my body and mind. Today I decided I was just going to spend every second on my kids and try to ignore the job hunting, piles of laundry, dirty bathroom and kitchen and running errands. It has been marvelous. We ate breakfast together, danced, built a fort, read books, danced again, went to lunch and now the girls are reading in their fort together while the baby sleeps. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the blessing to be their mom. These little girls hold my heart in their tiny hands. I love you to the stars little ones!


Emma Frances said...

That sounds like such a good day! I think I need to focus on having days like that on a more regular basis too! You're a great mom!!

Emma Frances said...
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