Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keep Me In Line.

I have this friend MacKenzie who is crafty and cute and rocks the hair cut of my dreams. She is doing a biggest loser competition for the next 10 weeks. I paid my $10, gave up soda (for the umpteenth time), and have been tracking everything I eat. My sweet hubby is ready for baby #4 and I am ok with that. But I want to get my butt back in shape before I carry another bowling ball around. My back can't take another one with out some stronger muscles. If anyone wants to be my work out buddy please let me know. Also, if you see me being tempted to drink soda you have free reign to b*$&% slap me in the face. My body is so much happier without Diet Coke sadly. Today is day two of the next ten weeks. Wish me luck!


Emma Frances said...

Good luck! You've got this! :] If I lived near you I'd be your workout buddy! Well, I guess I would be until I was too large. Haha. I need to figure out some good pregnancy workouts for this time around!! Also, I can't wait for baby #4 for you someday! You have the most adorable girls--maybe it'll be a boy this time around! Is that what your husband is hoping for? Haha.

Jace said...

Catching up on blogs late... If I could work out if totally be your work out buddy. Hope it's still going well for you!