Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There's A First Time For Everything.

Today marked the first time any of my children got a stitches worthy wound.

My girls are really into Mulan lately. While I was finishing up dinner they requested some music from Mulan to dance to. I happily obliged because it meant three distracted kiddos and dinner on the table when Daddy got home. Well Daddy walked in, told the girls to stop twirling because someone was going to get hurt, stepped into the kitchen to say hi to me and Stella promptly twirled into the buffet splitting her head open. One trip to Instacare, two nurses holding her down, one doc, four stitches, one Happy Meal and some Hello Kitty Bandaids later we are good as new. Stella screamed the entire time they held her down and wouldn't speak to any of the nurses the entire time but as soon as they let her go she popped right up, stopped crying and waved to everyone she saw. It was sad but adorable. When we got home I decided getting stitches warranted a late bedtime. Nora suggested watching Brave because "you are brave like Merida, Stella". My heart melted.

Oh and I failed to mention that dinner got overcooked and my sweet husband and daughter still ate it. I came home and cracked open what I thought was a hard boiled egg to find that none of them were cooked. Weird. And in case you were wondering, when your little one hands you the last bite of her cheeseburger to eat and you lick the ketchup off your finger...make sure its ketchup, not blood. Happy hump day. Love you to the stars brave Suey!

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Emma Frances said...

I love her smile. Haha. She's too cute! That would scare me so bad! Holland hit her head really hard the other day and I wanted to throw up and cry! I luckily kept my crap together and just cuddled her and she stopped crying but gah! Kids getting hurt is the worst! I'm glad she's okay though! And Nora's comment is the cutest thing ever! Such sweet girls!