Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We Party Hard Over Here.

Here are the photos from our 1st birthday celebration for Mabel. We opted for pizza and applesauce since they are Mabel's favorites. A big thanks to the University Federal Credit Union for the Costco gift card the day of the party that funded it and to my mom for providing Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes at the last minute after a cupcake "malfunction" earlier in the day. Also, i'm pretty sure that for every future holiday I am going to cover the table in brown paper again. It was one of my better ideas. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. Love you baby, Happy Birthday!

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Emma Frances said...

Such a fun birthday party! I can't believe she is one! Babies grow up much too fast! But it's just so fun to watch them that really in the moment it's not so bad! Also, I think I want my table covered in brown paper all the time when my kids are older! I can't even tell you how many times we drew on our table as kids! Haha.