Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From The Mouth Of Babes.

A month or so ago I overheard this conversation between Stella and Nora. It still brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.

Nora: (Telling Stella she needed to do something.)
Stella: "Nora, stop being so bossy!"
Nora: "I have to. I am learning to be a mom."

Also, my girls have this belief that being a mom means you have boobs and being a dad means you get to buy a pocket knife. 

Recently I hear about 10-15 times a day "Mom, what mells?!?" from Stella. She has a hard time pronouncing the "s" sound so mells means smells. After I reply that I don't know what she is smelling (from her incredibly over active nose) and she asks over and over and over again I go down the maybe list. Maybe it's your feet. Maybe you don't like the smell of the dinner in the crock pot. Maybe you need a bath. Maybe the baby has a stinky. Today after I went through a number of options she replied "I think it's me mom. I farted. Maybe I have to go potty." (Insert eye roll here) 

Love those girls!

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Jeff, Ash and G said...

haha these are great. I'm excited for Garrett to start talking...or maybe I shouldn't be.