Monday, May 12, 2014

From The Mouth Of Babes.

This week was full of funny and sometimes uncomfortable words spewing from my girls' mouths. I figured I should probably document them and you all might appreciate a laugh on this blustery Monday.

Let me preface this by letting you know we went to Cafe Rio two weeks ago and had a free meal.

I took the kids to McDonalds on Thursday for my daily Diet Coke.
Nora: (to the guy at the drive up with long hair) "MOM is that a boy or a girl?!"
Me: Awkwardly smile at the nice boy.
Stella: "MOM don't pay. FREE MEAL!"
Stella and Nora in unison: chanting "FREE MEAL, FREE MEAL, FREE MEAL!
Me: Hurriedly handed the poor boy my $1.08 and drove off as red as a beet.

Sweet Mabel learned some new words this week.
"NO!", "Mine", and "That's Gross"
I guess I can't prevent the fact that she will learn from her sisters earlier than each previous kid.

While at Target Nora and Stella were trying to convince Aaron to buy them a Lego Star Wars set. He told them maybe. I don't know if it was to annoy him or try to persuade him but they both started marching down the aisle holding the set and chanting in unison "Slave Leia!, Slave Leia!, Slave Leia!"
....they got the Lego set.

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